List of Lectures

Rong Du

Hypergeometric differential equations and ball quotient surfaces

Roman Dwilewicz

Hartogs-type extension for unbounded domains in Cn

Lawrence Ein

Gonality conjecture and asymptotic syzygies

James Fullwood

On motivic characteristic classes and universal tadpole relations

Peter Greiner

A CR-heat kernel on complex spheres

Zhiguo Liu

A q-partial differential equation, complex analysis in several variables and q-series

Ngaiming Mok

Geometric structures and substructures: from uniruled projective manifolds to bounded symmetric domains

Sui-Chung Ng

Holomorphic splitting tangent sequence in Hermitian locally symmetric spaces

Tuen-Wai Ng

Critical points of random polynomials and random finite Blaschke products

Yum-Tong Siu

Strong rigidity and Hodge filtration in homology setting

Toshiyuki Sugawa

Hyperbolic metric with conic singularities on Riemann surfaces and its applications

Wing-Keung To

Hyperbolicity and Weil-Petersson geometry

Chiu-Yin Tsang

Symmetry of the Darboux equation

Sai-Kee Yeung

Geometry of a special arithmetic complex two ball quotient

Last updated: July 23, 2014