Apologize to HKMS members for the regrettable incident

Dear Members of HKMS,

On behalf of the Council of HKMS, I am writing to apologize to all of you for the regrettable incident that a document of the list of membership with personal particulars was unintentionally uploaded on the website of HKMS on February 2009 which was not secured. This incident has been reported by Mingpao Daily today.

The document, containing some of our member’s personal particulars, was only for the internal use of the HKMS. It was not supposed to be available to the public. Indeed, there is no direct link to this document on the website of the HKMS. This error may occur due to several transfers of computer technicians who helped to manage the website of the HKMS.

As soon as we learn this from the reporter yesterday, we have taken immediate steps to correct this mistake. The file has been removed from the website of the HKMS around 8:30 last night, and we have contacted the Google to remove the cache files this morning.  I have also attached our response to the reporter of the Mingpao Daily for your reference.

We are deeply sorry for those  who have been affected and  for the damage to the reputation to the HKMS by this incident. We will pay much more attention to the security measures on our website to protect the privacy of our members in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Zhouping XIN



[Replied from HKMS on December 01, 2013 9:04 PM:]



1. 香港數學學會的會員詳細信息只是作為我們協會的內部資料,在網站上從來沒有直接連接。

2. 最近數學學會換屆,網站維護人員從一個學校轉移到另一個學校;對網站的需要加密的資料部分交接不夠充分,這個技術失誤是部分內部資料可以搜索到的主要原因。

3. 收到您的來信後,我們已經對相關技術部分加以完善,使得相關的資料重新得到保護。



[Email from Ming Pao reporter on December 01, 2013 6:38 PM:]





張煒明 Cheung Wai Ming, Simpson
Reporter, Ming Pao Newspapers Limited
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