International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians ICCM 2013

The 6th ICCM will be held from July 14 to 19, 2013 in Taipei. You are cordially invited to join this great event! Please note that ICCM 2013 will be held in JULY, not in December as with the previous ICCMs. It is important that you mark July 2013 on your calendar now!

The Sixth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM) July 2013 in Taipei.
• Start: 09:00, July 14, 2013
• End: 18:00, July 19, 2013
• Opening ceremony: July 14, in the Big Hall of the Grand Hotel, Taipei.
• Lectures and invited talks: July 15 to July 19, on the campus of National Taiwan University, Taipei.

ICCM is a triennial event that brings together Chinese and overseas mathematicians to discuss the latest research developments in both pure and applied mathematics.

During the opening of ICCM 2013, you will witness the presentation of the Morningside Medals, the New World Mathematics Awards, and other awards. The Morningside Medal is the most prestigious award for young Chinese mathematicians. During the conference, there will be thirty plenary talks, several Morningside talks by international speakers, and over one hundred sixty 45-minute talks. The talks cover a full range of subjects in the mathematical sciences, from number theory, geometry, and differential equations to statistics and bio-mathematics.

The first Congress was held in December 1998 in Beijing. The second Congress took place in Taipei 2001, then in Hong Kong, in Hangzhou, and Beijing again in 2010. After twelve years, ICCM 2013 will return to Taipei. We expect there to be more than one thousand participants and more than two hundred presentations covering a broad spectrum of the mathematical sciences.

The 2013 registration fee is USD100 (or USD 50) for each participant joining the formal Banquet (without joining the formal banquet, respectively).

We have tried to allocate a limited amount of grant money to support bringing young students and researchers to ICCM, particularly young Chinese mathematicians from less developed countries. The application deadline for financial support is end of December, 2012. Please upload the necessary documents upon registration.

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