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Past Seminars and Workshops (2000 - 2001)

Description: 7pushConference on Combinatorial and Computational Algebra


l   June 19, 2001

l   June 21, 2001


Description: 1pushWorkshop on Matrix Computations

Description: 3pushConference on Combinatorial Algebra


Description: 2pushWorkshop in Algebraic Geometry

Description: 7pushWorkshop on Computational Methods for ODEs (HKODEW)

Description: 9pushWorkshop on Mathematics in Image Processing

Description: 1pushProgramme on Lie Groups 2001


·       Holomorphic Curves in Symplectic Topology by Professor Yakov Eliashberg

·       Topics on Analytic Theory of Automorphic Forms by Professor Wenzhi Luo

·       L-functions for GL_n by Professor James W. Cogdell

·       Stringy Geometry and Topology of Orbifolds by Professor Yongbin Ruan

·       Singular Unitary Representations and Applications by Professor Jian-Shu Li

·       Introduction to the Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups by Professor Armand Borel

·       Introduction to Symplectic and Poisson Geometry by Professor Jiang-Hua Lu

·       A Geometric Construction of Algebras by Professor Hiraku Nakajima

Lecture notes:

Description: 9pushColloquium

·        Valuation and exercise boundaries of American barrier and lookback options by Prof. Tze Leung Lai

·        Chow Forms and Resultants, Old and New by Prof. David Eisenbud

·        On Families of Projective Manifolds by Professor K. Zuo

·        On 2-D Incompressible Singular Flows by Professor Z. Xin

·        Bounds on Exponential Sums by Professor T. Cochrane

·        SYZ-Conjecture for hyperkählerian manifolds of dimension 4 by Professor A. Todorov


Description: 1pushGeometry and Analysis Seminar

·        Smale's Mean Value Conjecture and the Hyperbolic Metric by Dr. T.W. Ng

·        Hermitian Metric with Constant Holomorphic Sectional Curvature on Convex Domains by Dr. W.S. Cheung

·        Pfaffian Systems in Control and Robotics by Mr. C.W. Wong

·        On Fano Manifold with Numerically Effective Tangent Bundle (Lecture I-V) by Professor N. Mok

·        On Families of Projective Manifolds II by Professor K. Zuo

·        Convex Mappings in Several Complex Variables by Professor S. Gong

·        Iteration of Rational Functions by Dr. T.W. Ng

·        Iteration of Rational Functions II - V by Dr. T.W. Ng


Description: 2pushAlgebra Seminar


Description: 3pushSeminar





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