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Past Seminars and Workshops (2004 - 2005)

Description: 3pushConferences and Workshops

·       Workshop on Complex and Algebraic Geometry on 12/07/2005 - 14/07/2005

·       Algebra Day on 30/06/2005

·       Workshop on Probability with Applications to Finance and Insurance on 15/12/2004

Description: 2pushGeometry Seminar

·       Integrality of cocompact lattices in complex hyperbolic two space by Professor Sai-Kee Yeung

·       Strict Arakelov inequality for families of higher dimensional manifolds of general type by Professor Kang Zuo

·       Spin(c) Structures and Special Spinors by Professor Jean Pierre Bourguignon

·       From CR geometry to algebraic geometry and combinatorial geometry by Professor Stephen S.T. Yau

·       On Nevanlinna Theory and Difference Equations by Professor Yik-Man Chiang

·       Introduction to Clifford analysis by Professor Frank Sommen

·       Chern number inequality and stability of vector bundles by Professor Naichung Conan Leung

·       A real convexity theorem for Lie-group valued momentum maps by Mr. Florent Schaffhauser

·       Poisson manifolds, Poisson cohomology and Poisson homology by Mr. Bing Kwan SO

·       Toric degeneration of quotients and moduli spaces by Professor Yi HU

·       Symmetry reductions of the equations of associativity in two-dimensional topological field theory  by Professor Robert Conte

·       Dependent results of "independent" problems on Riemann zeta function by Professor Shaoji Feng

·       Spreading a variety by Dr. Avery Ching

·       Factorizations of meromorphic functions by Professor Liangwen Liao

·       Cluster Algebras and Poisson Geometry by Professor Michael Gekhtman

·       Some results on Hua domains by Professor Weiping Yin

·       Residual Julia Sets of Meromorphic Functions by Dr. Tuen Wai Ng

·       Lectures on the vector bundle method (Lecture 1 & 2) by Professor Sheng-Li Tan

·       CR Geometry and Representations of Semisimple Lie Groups by Professor J. Wolf

·       Real Group Orbits on Complex Flag Manifolds by Professor J. Wolf

·       Poisson Lie group structures on real semi-simple Lie groups by Alan Shek Hei Chow

·       Almost geodesic compact holomorphic curves on quotients of bounded symmetric domains by Professor Ngaiming Mok

·       D-companion matrices and geometry of polynomials by Dr. Tuen Wai Ng

Description: 7pushSeminar Lectures

·       Algebraic geometric techniques for estimates of partial differential equations II by Professor Yum-Tong Siu

·       Lectures on Several Complex Variables (Lecture 1-12) by Professor Ngaiming Mok

·       Seminar on Ordinary Differential Equations


Description: 5pushLectures Series

·       Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry by Professor Yum-Tong Siu (Lecture 1-4)

Description: 5pushWorking Seminar on Complex and Algebraic Geometry

·       The Mumford-Horrocks Bundle by Dr. Avery Ching (Lecture 1-2)

·       Chern Forms of Holomorphic Vector Bundles by Mr. Ho-Yu Tsui

·       Moduli Spaces of Stable Bundles on Curves by Professor Xiaotao Sun (Lecture 1-3)

·       Rank two vector bundles on an algebraic surface by Professor Sheng-Li Tan (Lecture 1-4)

·       Extending normal bundles of locally complete intersections by Dr. Avery Ching

·       Building vector bundles and coherent sheaves via exact sequences by Dr. Avery Ching

Description: 3pushHong Kong Geometry Colloquium

·       June 4, 2005 (HKU)

·       April 30, 2005 (CUHK)

·       April 2, 2005 (HKUST)

·       March 5, 2005 (HKU)

·       January 15, 2005 (CUHK)

·       November 27, 2004 (HKUST)

·       October 30, 2004 (HKU)

·       October 2, 2004 (CUHK)

Description: 5pushSeminar on Computational Biology

·       Medical imaging informatics advances in clinical neuroscience by Dr. Stephen T.C. Wong

·       On the Future of Bioinformatics - an informal discussion by Professor Antoine Danchin

·       Neuron image analysis and bioinformatics by Dr. Stephen T.C. Wong

·       High content cellular imaging in drug discovery by Dr. Stephen T.C. Wong

Description: 1pushColloquium

·       Invariant Theory - Old and New by Professor Vesselin Drensky



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