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Past Seminars and Workshops (2005 - 2006)

3pushConferences and Workshops

5pushLecture Series 7pushGeometry Seminar
  • Hodge decomposition and Riesz transforms on complete Riemannian manifolds by Dr. Xiangdong Li
  • Determinants of Laplacians and Bosonization Formulas by Professor Richard Wentworth
  • Some algebro-geometric properties of the wonderful compactification by Dr. Xuhua He
  • Complex tangential curves of constant curvature in the unit ball and homogeneous polynomials by Professor Andrei Iordan
  • On a relation between q-exponential and θ-function by Professor Ruiming Zhang
  • Geometry of domains with uniform squeezing properties by Professor Sai-Kee Yeung
  • Nonconvex tube domains: Geometry and Analysis by Professor Simon Gindikin
  • Varieties of rational curves and their applications by Professor Simon Gindikin
  • On the Lax pairs of the sixth Painlevé equation by Professor Robert Conte
  • Physical fields on mathematical manifolds (Lecture 1 & 2) by Mr. Sui Chung Ng
  • Shimura varieties and transcendence - A variation of Kronecker's "Jugendtraum" by Professor G. Wüstholz
  • Cauchy's theorem for Hopf algebras by Professor Yorck Sommerhäuser
  • Adelic equidistribution of arithmetic quotients by Professor Laurent Clozel
  • On Quadratic Extensions of Cyclic Projective Planes by Mr. Hiu Fai Law
  • Matrix coefficients of representations by Professor Dragan Milicic
  • Convexity of moment map and Chern number inequality by Professor Xiaowei Wang
  • Geometric Analysis on Poisson Manifolds by Mr. Bing Kwan So
  • The wonderful compactification and Poisson geometry by Professor Sam Evens
  • Complex analysis in transcendental number theory -- the Gelfond-Schneider Theorem by Mr. Tsz On Chan
  • Crepant resolutions of projectivised nilpotent orbits by Professor Baohua Fu
  • Smale's Problems on the Efficiency of Newton's Method by Mr. Yan Yu Choi
  • Problems in algebraic differential equations by Professor Liang-Wen Liao
  • On a gap phenomenon for holomorphic maps by Professor Xiaojun Huang
  • Integration of partially integrable evolution equations by Professor Robert Conte
  • Starting with the Unit Disk: Why are Bounded Symmetric Domains and their quotients interesting? by Professor Ngaiming Mok
  • Capacity, Green's functions, and Intersection Theory by Dr. Chi Fong Lau
  • Variational formulas for Robin's constants on pseudoconvex domains (à la Yamaguchi) by Mr. Shu-Fai Chan
  • Quasi-conformal surgery for the construction of Herman rings by Mr. Mingxi Wang
  • Analogues of Diophantine approximation in number theory for Nevanlinna theory by Professor Zhuan Ye
  • Combinatorics of Schubert cells and Poisson geometry by Professor Milen Yakimov
  • 2pushSeminar Lectures
  • 12th & 13th Meeting by Dr. Yuk Kam Lau & Dr. Avery Ching
  • 11th Meeting by Mr. Kwok Wai Chan & Mr. Mario Tsz On Chan
  • 10th Meeting by Mr. Chi Kong Tam & Dr. Avery Ching
  • 9th Meeting by Mr. Siu Cheong Lau & Dr. Avery Ching
  • 8th Meeting by Dr. Yuk Kam Lau & Dr. Avery Ching
  • 7th Meeting by Dr. Yuk Kam Lau & Dr. Avery Ching
  • 6th Meeting by Dr. Yuk Kam Lau & Dr. Avery Ching
  • 5th Meeting by Dr. Avery Ching & Dr. Yuk Kam Lau
  • 4th Meeting by Dr. Yuk Kam Lau
  • 3rd Meeting by Dr. Avery Ching
  • 2nd Meeting by Dr. Yuk Kam Lau
  • 1st Meeting by Dr. Avery Ching
  • 1pushColloquium 5pushHong Kong Geometry Colloquium

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