Research Areas

IMR - Research Areas

(1) Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry
Convener: Tuen-Wai Ng
Members: Ngaiming Mok, Tuen-Wai Ng, Zheng Hua
External Visiting Members: Lawrence Ein (Fellow of AMS; Distinguished Professor, U. Illinois at Chicago), Sai-Kee Yeung (Fellow of AMS; Purdue U.), Jun-Muk Hwang (Fellow of AMS; Director, IBS Center for Complex Geometry, Korea), Wing-Keung To (NUS, Singapore), Xiangyu Zhou (Academician of CAS; CAS), Baohua Fu (Director, Institute of Math., CAS), Xiaotao Sun (Dean of School of Mathematics, Tianjin U.)

(2) Algebra and Number Theory
Convener: Yuk-Kam Lau
Members: Xuhua He, Yuk-Kam Lau, Ben Kane, Chun-Yin Hui, Xin Zhang, Kei-Yuen Chan
External Visiting Members: Gisbert Wüstholz (Member, German National Academy of Sciences; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich), Winnie Li (Fellow of AMS; Distinguished Professor, Penn. State U.), Jeffrey Hoffstein (Fellow of AMS; Brown U.), Winfried Kohnen (Heidelberg U., Germany), Minhyong Kim (Fellow of AMS; Director, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh), Zeev Rudnick (Fellow of AMS, Tel Aviv U., Israel), Alexander Mikhalev (Chair of Higher Algebra, Moscow State U.), Emmanuel Royer (Université Clerment Auvergne, France), Ye Tian (Academician of CAS; CAS), Jianya Liu (Vice-President, Shandong U.)

(3) Geometry, Lie Groups and Representation Theory
Conveners: Xuhua He, Jianghua Lu
Members: Xuhua He, Ngaiming Mok, Jianghua Lu, Zheng Hua, Kei-Yuen Chan
External Visiting Members: Binyong Sun (Academician of CAS; Zhejiang U.), Jingsong Huang (Presidential Chair Professor; CUHK-Shenzhen), Bernhard Keller (Fellow of AMS; U. Paris Cité)

(4) Probability, Stochastics and Mathematical Finance
Convener: Wai-Ki Ching
Members: Wai-Ki Ching, Guangyue Han, Zhiwen Zhang
External Visiting Members: Rogemar Mamon (Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Western U., Canada), Ken Siu (Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics, Macquarie U., Australia), Phillip Yam (Statistics, CUHK), Jeff Yao (Presidential Chair Professor, School of Data Science, CUHK-Shenzhen)

(5) Optimization, Data Science and Information Theory
Conveners: Xiaoming Yuan, Guangyue Han
Members: Max Shen (by courtesy), Wenan Zang, Xiaoming Yuan, Guangyue Han, Zhiwen Zhang, Guanglian Li, Yunwen Lei
Associate Members (HKU): Guodong Li (SAAS), Chuan Wu (Computer Science), Kaibin Huang (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
External Visiting Members: Enrique Zuazua (Fellow of Academia Europaea; Fellow of Artificial Intelligence Industry Academy (AIIA); Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, Department of Mathematics, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)

(6) Partial Differential Equations, Analysis and Applications
Convener: Dong Li
Members: Dong Li, Xiaoming Yuan, Tuen-Wai Ng, Zhiwen Zhang, Tak-Kwong Wong
Associate Members (HKU): Kwok-Wing Chow (Mechanical Engineering), Sze-Chun Wong (Civil Engineering)
External Visiting Members: Robert Conte (Centre Borelli, ENS Paris-Saclay, France), Ping Zhang (Academician of CAS; Director, AMSS, CAS)

Interdisciplinary Research in the interfaces of Mathematics with Physics and Biology
Associate Members (HKU): Shuang Zhang (Physics), Wang Yao (Physics), Hoi-Fung Chau (Physics)
External Visiting Member: Antoine Danchin (Member of French Academy of Sciences, Section Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genomics; Honorary Professor, Faculty of Medicine of HKU)